Let's Hear it!


I’m looking for short stories or book chapters (5k – 10k words) for inclusion into the episode mix, ideally featuring one a month. The stories will be narrated by a professional, award-winning narrator – me – or possibly your own narrator if the work already has a one attached –  and the episode will promote the author and include relevant links in the audio information and show notes.


  • Not all stories submitted will be accepted for inclusion
  • The author and/or Audio Rights holder will retain those rights (you can have your story published elsewhere)
  • Me narrating your story for the podcast doesn’t mean I’m committing to narrate your entire book (but if I like it, and you like my narration – let’s talk!)

  1. EP09: Chris Philbrook, Author James Anderson Foster
  2. EP08: Redemption Song, Story James Anderson Foster
  3. EP07: Jeff Hays, Narrator James Anderson Foster
  4. EP06: John G. Hartness, Author James Anderson Foster
  5. EP05: Master of Hounds, Excerpt James Anderson Foster
  6. EP04: Paul Stokes, Reviewer James Anderson Foster
  7. EP03: MacLeod Andrews, Narrator James Anderson Foster
  8. EP02: Ambrose Ibsen, Author James Anderson Foster
  9. EP01: Things That Go Bump James Anderson Foster