Episode 11: Demon Moon, Excerpt

Okay, so this episode is a REAL treat! We have the first five chapters of book one in the AMAZINGProf Croft” series, Demon Moon by author Brad Magnarella to share with you, narrated by, of course, the crazy talented James Patrick Cronin! If this doesn’t get you hooked and wanting more, I don’t know what will – but when it does, you’re in luck, because there’s plenty more in the Prof Croft universe after this!

Be sure to check out – 

Brad Magnarella’s author page: https://www.facebook.com/bdmagna/

Brad Magnarella’s Amazon Author Profile: https://www.amazon.com/Brad-Magnarella/e/B00570JBHQ

And of course, a direct link to Demon Moon, over at Audible – go get it! In fact, grab the whole series! https://adbl.co/2Qo6VBB

Last, but not least, our Intro and Outro music is “One is Always Right” by the ever awesome Vivisectors!

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