Episode 20 – DEC. RE-RUN: MacLeod Andrews, Narrator

A December re-run – one of my favorite episodes: the interview with narrator MacLeod Andrews! See you with all new episodes in January 2019!

Tonight I’m SUPER excited to be chatting with one of my literal ALL TIME FAVORITE narrators and fantastic guy, MacLeod Andrews! We chat about his acting background, being weird and even a little falling in love with ghosts!

Be sure to check out:

MacLeod’s Websitehttp://macleodandrews.blogspot.com/

MacLeod on Twitter: @macleodandrews

and MacLeod’s Titles on Audible: https://adbl.co/2niBSdU

Last, but not least, our Intro and Outro music is “One is Always Right” by the ever awesome Vivisectors!

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