Episode 7: Jeff Hays, Narrator

In this episode of our Urban Fantasy podcast, narrator Jeff Hays! Jeff Hays is the owner of the audiobook production company, Soundbooth Theater. He has narrated over 100 titles on Audible, and is currently specializing in the LitRPG/Gamelit genre.

Be sure to check out:

Jeff Hays’ Website: http://www.jeffhaysnarrates.com/
Soundbooth Theater Website: http://www.soundbooththeater.com/
Soundbooth Theater LIVE! YouTube Channel:
The Soundbooth Theater Discord Server: https://discordapp.com/invite/yGfsynj
HearNow Festival Website: 

And a VERY special treat – a sneak-peak (sneak-listen?) at the first chapter of Monster HuntNYC!


Last, but not least, our Intro and Outro music is “One is Always Right” by the ever awesome Vivisectors!

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