Episode 1: Things That Go Bump

A little while ago I asked on Facebook, “So are there any podcasts specifically dedicated to the Urban Fantasy genre? Ideally focusing on the books, authors, and maybe even narrators?” This was followed shortly thereafter by, “If we don’t find at least one soon, I’m afraid I might do something stupid like decide to start...

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Episode 2: Ambrose Ibsen, Author

Tonight I have a lovely chat with Horror and Urban Fantasy author Ambrose Ibsen about what it takes to “make it” as a full-time professional author, self-publishing vs. the traditional publisher, “Ichi the Killer” and Ambrose’s SECRET IDENTITY (spoiler: he’s Batman) Be sure to check out: Ambrose’s Author Website: https://ambroseibsen.com/ Ambrose on Twitter: @AmbroseIbsen Ambrose’s Titles...

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Episode 3: MacLeod Andrews, Narrator

Tonight I’m SUPER excited to be chatting with one of my literal ALL TIME FAVORITE narrators and fantastic guy, MacLeod Andrews! We chat about his acting background, being weird and even a little falling in love with ghosts! Be sure to check out: MacLeod’s Website: http://macleodandrews.blogspot.com/ MacLeod on Twitter: @macleodandrews and MacLeod’s Titles on Audible: https://adbl.co/2niBSdU...

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Episode 4: Paul Stokes, Reviewer

Tonight’s episode is a little something special – it’s Paul Stokes, the force behind the largest audiobook review site, audiobookreviewer.com! We talk about his passion for genre fiction, how he’s expanding his Audio Production Empire, and the Audiobook Listener Awards! Check it out, and count how many times I screw up the name of the...

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Episode 5: Master of Hounds, Excerpt

This week’s episode is a REAL treat! This is an excerpt from the Urban Fantasy novel “Master of Hounds: The Pickman Files, Book 1” by author C. Steven Manley. This story is an absolute knockout, and I’m thrilled I have the opportunity to share it with you. A word of warning though – the excerpt...

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Episode 6: John G. Hartness, Author

In this episode of our podcast: Urban Fantasy author John G. Hartness! You may know him from Bubba the Monster Hunter, or Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter, or the Black Knight Chronicles, or from his publishing house Falstaff Books, or, or, or… well you get the idea – tonight’s guest is EVERYWHERE and he’s doing ALL...

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