Episode 7: Jeff Hays, Narrator

In this episode of our Urban Fantasy podcast, narrator Jeff Hays! Jeff Hays is the owner of the audiobook production company, Soundbooth Theater. He has narrated over 100 titles on Audible, and is currently specializing in the LitRPG/Gamelit genre. Be sure to check out: Jeff Hays’ Website: http://www.jeffhaysnarrates.com/Soundbooth Theater Website: http://www.soundbooththeater.com/ Soundbooth Theater LIVE! YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/soundbooththeaterliveThe Soundbooth...

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Episode 8: Redemption Song, Story

If you’re familiar with Urban Fantasy and/or this Podcast, you may have heard of someone by the name of Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter – penned by author John G. Hartness, and narrated by yours truly. Well, familiar or no, this standalone short story is a real treat and I’m thrilled to be able to share...

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Episode 9: Chris Philbrook, Author

So, first off, this was one of my absolute favorite interviews but BE WARNED: we need like a double-explicit tag, at least for the opening… Chris and I were either extremely tired or drinking heavily, and quite possibly both! Chris Philbrook is the creator and author of Adrian’s Undead Diary, The Reemergence, Colony Lost, The...

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Episode 10: James Patrick Cronin, Narrator

In this episode I’m chatting with the talented, passionate, award-winning and handsomely bearded James Patrick Cronin! We chat about Monsters, magic, being an actor, a narrator, and a proud and active member of the SAG-AFTRA union… and there’s even a surprise announcement in the mix that you’re not going to want to miss! James Patrick...

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Episode 11: Demon Moon, Excerpt

Okay, so this episode is a REAL treat! We have the first five chapters of book one in the AMAZING “Prof Croft” series, Demon Moon by author Brad Magnarella to share with you, narrated by, of course, the crazy talented James Patrick Cronin! If this doesn’t get you hooked and wanting more, I don’t know...

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Episode 12: C. Steven Manley, Author

In this episode I’m joined by author and prolific podcasting talent, C. Steven Manley! The man that most people just call ‘Chuck’ was born in the winter of the year of the summer of love to a couple of crazy kids from the deep woods of Alabama. He came up the rough way, riding out...

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